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Retirement Planning

Do you have a plan for your retirement? We dont mean a pension that you put in place years ago and have long since forgotten about. We mean an actual plan of action that will ensure you retire when you want to with the means to meet your desired standard of living.

We find that many of the new clients that come to us have not actually been asked to think about their retirement plans in any detail before. They may have been sold a pension in the past, or had a quick chat about what they can expect from their company pension, but they havent been encouraged to think about what retirement actually means to them.

Spend more time with the grandchildren. Travel across Asia with my wife. Play the best golf courses around the world. Learn to surf. These are all real and personal retirement objectives that clients have told us about as part of our detailed discussion into what they would like retirement to mean to them.

Of course we can review your existing pensions, or set up a new one. We can talk about SIPPs, personal pensions, Stakeholders and any other type of pension you care to mention. As you would expect, that is all part of our service. However, we also have the expertise to help you think about what your actual retirement goals are and how you can acheive them.

Our “Retirement Planning” service is aimed at individuals who are still working and have not yet reached retirement age. Whether you are just starting out in your career, halfway through, or only have a few years to go until you retire, our expertise can help you make the correct decisions to ensure your financial security in retirement and make your goals a reality.

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